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The following questions intend to get inputs about the location and a brief description about the ashwath kattes and its surroundings.
Local name for the ashwath katte/temple and the neighbourhood name. *
Add photos of the ashwath katte (Max. no. of files: 5 ; Total size not to exceed: 10 MB): *
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Brief description about the katte, (e.g. Surroundings, History of the katte, Activities around the katte) *
What is next to the katte?
Is there a fence or a compound wall around it ?
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If your filling the form from a mobile, then kindly provide the latitude-longitude reading for the location. Once you have located the katte, long press the location and the latitude and longitude will appear at the top)
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You can upload the Google Map/Google Earth with the location pinpointed on it. You can upload it on the link below:
If the form is being filled from a laptop/PC, kindly locate the katte and copy paste the link below:
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