350 Seattle Board Member Application
Thank you for your interest in the 350 Seattle Board of Directors.

DEADLINE EXTENDED! Please fill out this application by August 24th to be considered for the Board.

The Board Nominating Committee will be reviewing applications after August 15th and will reach out to applicants with any clarifying questions. The Board Nominating Committee will determine which candidates to advance on to election by our leadership, no later than September 7th. We will be in touch then to let you know next steps.

The elected Board is likely to start meeting in November 2018.

If you’d like to talk with someone before applying for the Board, please reach out to bnc@350seattle.org to set up a call.

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Healthy social movements rely on diversity and equity for resilience, creativity and strategic evolution. If you’re willing, please share the following: How do you self-identify (gender identity, race/ethnic background, sexual orientation, class, anything else that makes you who you are)?
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Why are you interested in serving on the 350 Seattle Board? *
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Can you tell us how you meet the minimum qualifications of Board members? *
* Commitment to 350 Seattle’s Mission and Values: www.350seattle.org/mission-shared-values * Experience participating in climate and/or environmental justice organizations, movements or campaigns * Commitment to collaborative leadership, decentralized power and decision-making structure embodied in 350 Seattle. * Commitment to building a culture of inclusiveness, support and mutual respect on the board and in the organization * Commitment to amplifying the voices and perspectives of native people, communities of color, socioeconomically disadvantaged people, people most impacted by climate change, and those from historically marginalized communities. * Belief in the importance and power of nonviolent civil disobedience * Commitment to a range of tactics, from lobbying and education, to direct action and civil disobedience * Functional understanding of climate science * Functional understanding of the the interrelated aspects of environmental, racial and economic justice movements
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Can you tell us how you meet the desired qualifications of Board members? *
* Experience organizing with 350 Seattle * Experience organizing with environmental, racial and economic justice movements in the PNW and demonstrated support for civil disobedience * Brings a national and/or global perspective on climate change and its impacts * Experience managing budgets and interpreting financial statements or a desire to learn * Experience with facilitation, conflict resolution, mediation, or active listening
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Our organizational structure is unique. We have strategically distributed a lot of the power of a traditional Board to other leadership bodies. As a Board member, how will you support the volunteer leadership? *
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I'm interested in the Board Treasurer role: *
The Board Treasurer will be responsible for reviewing financial statements, reviewing bank statements, ensuring appropriate internal controls are in place, and helping to communicate financials to the Board.
If you answered "Yes" to the interested in Board treasurer role, please tell us about your finance experience.
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Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you?
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