Diabetic App survey
The following survey is for an assignment for my entrepreneurship class having to do with my idea to create a new type of technology for diabetics.
Do you have any diabetic apps on your phone that help you manage your blood glucose? *
If so, can you describe what kind of app it is and how often you use it?
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Do you ever feel out of touch with the latest technology and research in the diabetic field? *
You are able to manage insurance and supplies with what level of difficulty? *
Very easily
With a lot of hassle and time
Do you ever feel out of touch with the diabetic community? *
If there were easier access to diabetic forums on your phone, would you use them? *
Is there anything about your day-to-day management of diabetes that would be made easier with an app on your phone?
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Would you purchase an app on your phone that combines your blood sugar readings, your insurance and supply levels, latest updates on research and technological developments, and an online community/platform for discussions? *
What part of this app intrigues you most/would be most useful? (you can choose multiple)
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