ASAP Pre-Test

This form is used to measure changes in student knowledge as a result of their participation in the ASAP program. After you have completed the entire program, you will be asked to complete an almost identical post test. We generally don't look at an individual's responses to the pre- or post-tests. We look to see if our students, in general, have learned something from their participation, and if so, how much. We also use this information to make the program better for future students. To help us gather meaningful data from the pre- and post-tests, we ask that you do the following:

Please don't worry about getting the answers wrong or right. Please do not search for the answers online if you don't know them. You are not being graded on this test!

PLEASE ANSWER HONESTLY! Particularly on the section that asks about your personal usage. We will not judge you for your responses. You will not get in further trouble as the result of your answers on this form. Do not provide the answers that you think we want to hear. Students tend to be more honest on their POST-tests than on their pre-tests, and that only makes it look like students got worse over time! We know that isn't the case, so please help us out by being honest on your pre-test!

In order to link your pre-test to your post-test, PLEASE USE YOUR WEBER STATE E-MAIL ADDRESS.
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