Boerboel Submission Form (Single Dog)
Please submit all the information of your Boerboel for entry into the BAEA Submission database. If you have any enquiries, please contact the Secretary BAEA on mobile number: +254798567024.
Date: *
Dog submission date.
1. Applicant Information
EAKC Member No:
East Africa Kennel Club Membership Number
BAEA Member Number: *
Boerboel Association of East Africa Member Number
Member Type: *
BAEA membership category.
First Name: *
First name of the applicant.
Last Name: *
Last name of the applicant.
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National / Alien ID number or Passport Number
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Resident country of applicant. E.g. Kenya
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2. Boerboel Dog Information
Name of dog: *
Gender: *
Dog gender (Male or Female).
Birth Date: *
Dog birth date.
Registration Number:
Dog pedigree registration number
Microchip Number:
Dog microchip identification number.
Pedigree Certificate: *
Upload the dog pedigree certificate.
Hip Dysplasia Certificate:
Upload the dog hip dysplasia certificate.
Elbow Dysplasia Certificate:
Upload the dog elbow dysplasia certificate.
Name of Sire: *
Pedigree Certificate of Sire:
Upload the pedigree certificate of the sire (father).
Name of Dam: *
Pedigree Certificate of Dam:
Upload the pedigree registration certificate of the dam (mother).
3. Payment Information
The submission fees per dog is KES 500 subject to payment of full membership fees. For all enquiries, email or call +254798567024 or +254735669740.

All advance payments to BAEA Account via MPESA details below;
Paybill Number: 400200
Account Number: 01134163543700
Amount: KES 500
Bank: Co-operative Bank of Kenya
Branch: Upper Hill

Payment Method: *
Application payment methods.
Payment Reference Number: *
Payment transaction reference number.
Amount: *
Payment amount for single dog is KES 500.
DISCLAIMER: Registration is not guaranteed. Dogs will only be registered once the information provided above has passed the Submission & Verification stage and the dog has been APPRAISED. Submission fees are non refundable/non transferable and all fees are subject to change without notice.
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