Introduction to Parents Kids Home Yoga Home-Schooling Program
Dear parents,

Home-school your child
If you are a conscious parent
If your child a Rainbow child or Indigo child
If you want the best learning experience for your child
If you want to retain the innocence and huge possibility in your child
If you want to inculcate love, kindness and inspiration as part of their learning experience

It is time to take responsibility for your child’s learning development because the current education system is becoming out-dated in the new world order.

PKHY is a platform created by a group of passionate teachers, Yogis and educators who draw inspirations and experiences from the ancient Vedic learning system. See, children live in a beautiful space called Space of a Child till the age of 7 years old where this pure state is a space of unimaginable unlimited possibilities which is beyond our limited human mind. If you know how to keep them in the pure space by home-schooling them, you will not only enjoy a beautiful bonding with your child, you will also learn how to hold a space of possibilities for your child to blossom into a healthy, intuitive and powerful being. This is the purpose of Parents-kids Home Yoga Home-schooling program, empowering parents to play a major role in your child’s development.

We are excited to invite all parents and teachers for an introductory talk and we can’t wait to share with you this new amazing platform. Do register in one of the FREE sessions.
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In this online session, you will understand
• the context of PKHY
• how to create the sacred playground for your child
Date & Time:
1) Saturday, 20th June, 3-4.30 pm; OR
2) Saturday, 27th June, 3-4.30 pm

FREE ONLINE session via ZOOM
*The link will be shown after registration.

Language: English

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