ACF Regionals 2019 Registration
Fill out this form to register, and request a half-packet distribution if you have not done so already. Please fill out a separate form for every team your club is sending.
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Undergraduate? *
Does this team qualify for undergraduate status under ACF's eligibility rules ( NOTE: High school teams do not qualify for undergraduate status.
Division II? *
Does this team qualify for Division II status under ACF's eligibility rules ( NOTE: High school teams do not qualify for Division II status.
Are you required to write a half-packet? *
Any team with at least one person on it who played a regular, collegiate, academic quizbowl tournament* (either as a college student or as a high school student) prior to September 1, 2017 is required to submit a half-packet. House teams from host schools, as well as teams composed of people who have not played regular, collegiate, academic quizbowl tournaments prior to September 1, 2017, are not required to submit a half-packet, but may choose to do so by the no penalty deadline for a -$50 discount.
"New to quizbowl" discount eligibility *
"New to quizbowl" discount is intended for schools that did not send a team to any regular collegiate academic tournament (exclusively Novice tournaments do not count) since September 2017, and have no one on the team(s) claiming this discount who played those tournaments for another school.
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