Nixie tube meter purchase survey
Let me know if you want to buy a nixie tube VU meter setup. Fill this out with the price at which you are 90% sure you would be happy to purchase. This will determine how many I make for sale (if any) and how many tubes I include. Actual sale would be done with some kind of fair, efficient auction like a Vickrey auction.
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How many tubes would you want?
Up to how much would be willing to pay (USD) for tubes plus all paraphernalia (cases, LEMO cable/connectors, audio board+case, tube board, all mostly assembled)?
You should be honest here - look up how Vickrey auctions work. You'll pay the same price as everyone else - this just determines if/how many boards I make.
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How much would you be willing to pay (USD) for a kit, containing just the circuit boards and components (unsoldered), but no tubes, cables, or case?
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