Alpine TAP Survey Questions
The Town of Alpine has secured a Transportation Alternatives Grant from the State of Wyoming to study ways to improve pedestrian, bicycle, and other non-motorized means of travel within the Town. This survey is an effort to gain insight into alternative transportation methods you may use and what you believe will enhance your ability to use your alternative methods. The results of this survey will be used to pursue grant funding for identified improvements.
1) Do you or members of your household walk, jog, bicycle, or use other alternative transportation to various points within the Town?
2) Do you consider any of the following points to be stops or destinations to which you would walk or bike?
3) How would you rate pedestrian and bicycle travel within the Town of Alpine?
4) Which type improvements would most assist with walking and bicycling?
5) If you have or will have school age children please complete the following additional questions. On most days, how does your child leave for school and return from school?
6) What of the following issues present the greatest concern or risk to independent travel to/from the bus stop?
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