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***This application has been approved by legal counsel and the CFC Committee***

Concord Football Club (Concord FC or CFC) is a spring and fall travel league for players who want a competitive soccer experience. It is the mission and vision of NCSA to provide a highly-qualified coaching staff for that experience. All coaches are required to obtain at least a U.S. Soccer F License before the first game of the current season and are encouraged to advance to a D license. Coaches will receive a reimbursement for one child's registration for the team they coach. Each team may have a team manager who will receive a $50 stipend. Each coach and team manager will receive a separate check. In addition, all coaches are subject to a background check per the requirements of New York State West Youth Soccer Association. All coaches will also be required to operate within the Concord FC Coach Policy and will be subject to discipline and/or possible termination without pay for any violation of the policy.

Concord FC is interested in your background and experience with soccer and coaching. This will help Concord FC select coaches who can provide the best environment and most positive learning experience for the players. This information, except any Risk Management questions, will be used to create a small bio on the Northern Chautauqua Soccer Association’s website to recognize and promote our coaching staff. Please include a photograph with the application. Thank you in advance for your interest in coaching.
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Coach History
List all current soccer coach licenses held and soccer coach training completed. *
List your previous coaching experience, including other youth sports, if any. Note at what levels you’ve coached, how many years, and in which community/association. *
List your playing experience, if any. Note at what levels you played, and how many years. *
Provide a brief description of your main goals as a youth soccer coach and your coaching philosophy for youth athletes. *
Initial Risk Management Check
This is not a substitute for the official Risk Management background investigation conducted by Sports Engine. NCSA/CFC pays the fee to conduct an official risk management investigation. CFC collects preliminary information to move a coach to the official investigation.
Have you ever been ejected or otherwise disciplined for coaching or spectator conduct? If so, give all details. *
Have you ever been arrested or charged with a crime? If so, give all details. *
Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If so, give all details. *
Have you ever received Youthful Offender adjudication of a criminal charge? If so, give all details. *
Have you ever been the subject of a Child Protective Services complaint? If so, give all details. *
Have you ever been discharged from employment for cause? If so, give all details. *
Provide any other background information or comments you believe will aid the coach selection process.
Please provide contact information for 2 to 4 references from teams for which you have coached in the past five years. The references should include at least one parent or player. Additional references can be a referee or any other reliable source.All the information contained in this application is true and accurate and I understand any information found to be inaccurate could result in my immediate removal as a coach for Concord FC.
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