Help Design the Agile Metrics Survey 2020

I believe that real data also supports any agile transformation or whatever you like to call it. Hence I will run another survey from the end of October 2020 to collect that information: Who is using what agile metrics in which context to get a better understanding of how becoming agile is progressing within the organization in question?

To ensure the survey’s comprehensiveness, I like to ask my peers for support in designing the survey. So, if you could spare five minutes of your time and fill out the anonymous form to help design the Agile Metrics Survey 2020, I would highly appreciate that contribution.
What metrics have you used in the past, or are you using now that you consider useful? *
Please list your metrics from the team to the organizational level that are valuable.
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What metrics do you consider useless, and for what reason? *
Let me provide you with an example: story points per developer per Sprint.
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Do you have any comments or suggestions in general?
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Please provide us with your approval that we may choose to use your answers in the Agile Metrics Survey 2020 and that we are allowed to store and process your data via this Google form.
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