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The People's Budget Bako coalition formed in June 2020. It coalesced in response to the City Councils draconian budget proposal, which gives 41% of the city's unrestricted general funds to the BPD and which, in total, gives the BPD more than $118,000,000 dollars. The coalition will engage a diverse group of Bakersfieldians through a People's Budget Bakersfield survey, which reveals Bakersfieldians' priorities. With the collected data, the coalition that is The People's Budget will demand that the Mayor and City Council prioritize care, NOT cops.  

People's Budget Bakersfield demands drastic changes to Bakersfield’s budget; specifically, it is calling on the Bakersfield City Council and the Mayor to immediately #DefundThePolice as the first step towards abolition. This is an abolitionist movement, and this first demand is just one step towards our larger goal. The coalition is inviting individuals and organizations to sign on in support of this movement. Please recognize that in signing, you are agreeing to accept and uplift the People's Budget Bakersfield demands.

More information about the coalition can be found at
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