Upgrading to the new Megaventory!
Megaventory has recently announced a major interface upgrade - you can see more here:


We're gradually transitioning existing users to the new and improved interface and we'd like to encourage you to give us your consent to convert your account too. We're glad to inform you that the upgraded interface includes:

* Improved navigation features
* Quicker load times
* A more modern design which is prettier to the eye
* State of the art technology in implementing the frontend
* Advanced customer support capabilities
* Step by step wizards to guide you through the processes

At the same time, bear in mind

* no data of your business will be affected - this is purely a frontend interface redesign
* any localizations or customizations you had in place will still be there
* it's absolutely free!

In order to make this transition as hassle-free as possible we'd like you to answer a couple of questions.

Note: For technical reasons and to minimize disruptions transitions can happen **only on Sunday evenings**.

When would you like to be upgraded to the new interface?
If you choose 'Not sure yet', please enter your contact details in the last question so we can follow up and set a date. If you choose 'Other', enter a date for a Sunday of your choice.
Would you like a brief screen sharing demo of the new interface?
If you answer No, no further communication will take place and the Monday after the transition you will simply have the new interface. If you answer Yes, please book the demo here: http://meetme.so/MegaventoryDimitris. (NOTE: If you don't book a demo, we will still go ahead with the transition!)
Please provide the link you use to login
Your answer
Would you like us to contact you before the transition?
If there are any special requirements you have or clarifications you need, please indicate a preferred means of communication.
Your answer
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