Olathe West Yearbook Application
Thank you for your interest in yearbook! Each year we keep getting better and better, so I can't wait to see what we can create next year. It will require many responsibilities, but will also be a lot of fun! Please answer the questions below honestly, turn your application in by March 18, and Mrs. Walker will contact you with any further questions and/or her decision later this spring.
Basic Information
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Email Address (I will contact you in April at this address to let you know if you made it on staff) *
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2019-2020 Grade (next year's grade) *
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Tell me more about yourself...
1. What yearbook positions would you be interested in fulfilling? *Note: You may mark more than one that you think would be a good fit. *
2. Of the above positions, which one do you think would be the BEST fit and why? *
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3. Do you have any prior experience in journalism/writing, design software (InDesign/Photoshop/Illustrator), page/graphic design, photography, or leadership? If so, please explain, especially as it relates to the position you are applying for. *
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Please take your time with the following questions. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you type your answers ahead of time in a Word document so you can proofread your responses. Make sure to use complete sentences and be thorough--this is your chance to show off your writing skills and attention to detail!
1. I am looking for people with all different skills and traits to make up our team. You don't need to be the best at everything, but hopefully you can bring something valuable to the table. Of the traits and skills listed below, pick 3-5 as your biggest strengths and explain why. *
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2. Yearbook requires you to meet deadlines and have excellent time management. Please provide an example of when you managed your time well or met a deadline. Be specific: *
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3. What ideas and goals do you have for next year's yearbook? You may include ideas that you liked about other yearbooks you've seen, but original ideas are a plus! *
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4. Why do you want to join the yearbook staff? *
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1. List all commitments you plan on having next year (sports, work, clubs, school, etc.). Involvement in other activities will not count against you, as long as you can commit to making yearbook a top priority. *
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2. Are you willing to work after school and occasionally on weekends to meet yearbook deadlines? *
3. Do you/will you have a car? If not, will you be able to secure a ride to and from occasional after-school events or work nights? *
4. Do you have Internet at your house? *
5. If you make it on staff, are you and a parent available to attend an informational meeting on April 18th? *
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