River Glen NEW RESIDENTS Access Card Order Form
Welcome to the Neighborhood!

New residents are issued 2 amenity cards at no cost to gain access to the Pool area and Tennis Courts. There is a limit of 2 cards per household. If you lose or misplace these cards; the cost for replacements is $25.00 per card. Cards for our access system may be purchased for members over the age of 18 years.

Please allow ten (10) days following submission of your order to receive the cards.
In all cases, you must be in good standing with the HOA to gain access to the River Glen amenity facilities.

Please remember the card numbers are assigned to your home. If improperly used it would be traced back to your home, so we always suggest that you never allow someone to borrow your card outside of your immediate family and that you immediately report any stolen or misplaced cards so that we can deactivate them.

For questions: Katy Ensminger kswickard@gmail.com
Homeowner/Resident Name
Number of Cards Needed
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