Sydenham Artists Trail 2021 Application

The trail will take place over the weekends of 11th / 12th and 18th / 19th September.

Applications and payment must be received before July 4th 2021. Should the Artists Trail be cancelled as a result of Government action you will receive a full refund of any entry fees, or you may transfer to being a virtual artist exhibiting on our website.

The entry fee is £50 per artist exhibiting in their own space or £70 if you need us to find a space for you.*

Artists who only exhibit virtually (i.e. using the website to display their art) will pay a reduced £20 entry fee.

Students (under 18) will be charged a nominal £10 entry fee, but please contact if this is a problem.

The entry fee for groups of artist or collectives with 5 or more artists is £150. In order to maintain fairness to individual artists, we will work with groups to understand their proposed participation/number of artists. This may result in additional entry fees to cover administrative and practical costs incurred.

* Venues/Locations will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Any Additional charges, at cost, for any venues, display boards, tables or other equipment we need to hire for you will be passed on to you the Artist (although we would always discuss this with you beforehand, and will aim to minimise the occurrence of any additional costs).
Email *
This information is required in order to accept your application to join the Sydenham Artists Trail. It will be restricted on a need to know basis within Sydenham Arts Limited. It will not be distributed to any other organisation and will be deleted after the 2021 Artists Trail.
Your name *
The name of the person making this application.
Your artist name or group name (if different to above)
Please provide your artist name or group name to be used in all Artists Trail publications.
Are you a student, aged 18 or under? *
Students will be charged a nominal £10 entry fee, but please contact if this is a problem.
Telephone number *
Please provide a telephone number we can use to contact you.
Home address postcode / ZIP code. *
Please provide your home address postcode for non-email communication.
Home address *
Please provide the first line of home address for non-email communication.
Your art *
Please describe your art in general terms, e.g. fine art; painting; printing; photography; glass; sculpture; ceramics; textile; etc.
When will you be exhibiting? *
Ideally we would like you to take part during both weekends. The entry fee is for both weekends. There is no discount if you take part in just one weekend. 1st weekend - 11th/12th September. 2nd weekend - 18th/19th September.
Where will you be exhibiting your work? *
Address where you will be exhibiting, if known?
Would you like to exhibit at a public space? *
We are planning to exhibit artists work at a number of large public spaces - e.g. at Forest Hill School, Sydenham Girls School and Sydenham High School (alongside work by students) and possibly other local venues such as the Sydenham Centre, during both weekends. There might be a surcharge for 'wall' hanging space, depending on demand and the space you require, estimate £10 for two 1m wide x 2m high display board per weekend.
Would you like to showcase one piece of your work in the High Street Art Gallery? *
We hope that some traders in Sydenham Road, Sydenham Station Approach and Kirkdale will provide space in their windows for artists to showcase one piece of artwork during the Sydenham Artists Trail. The artwork will be on display for about 4 weeks during September.
One of Sydenham Arts aims is to reduce our carbon footprint, including by economising single use materials. Therefore, this year, we will produce and distribute a more eco-friendly A3 sized Artists Trail brochure and map (folded to A5 size). This will contain your name, type of art, venue and exhibition dates. All other information will be available on the website - see below.
Sydenham Arts are developing a new website which is scheduled for delivery in July. This will provide a more streamlined way for artists to add information to their artist page containing images, biography and links to their own website and / or social media.

You will be sent details and guidance about how to set up your artist page in August in good time to set up your page. The Artists Trail team will be available to help you, if necessary.
For information purposes only please let us know your website (if you have one).
For information purposes only please let us know your social media addresses (any number and all)
Would you like to run a workshop or demonstration during the Artists Trail? You will not need to pay an entry fee if you only run a workshop or demonstration (i.e.without also exhibiting your art.) You may charge visitors and to cover material used in the workshops. It is not usual to change visitors to watch demonstrations.
Workshop / demonstration description
Please provide initial ideas about your workshop or demonstration. Final details will be required by July 4th.
We rely on a small team of volunteers to organise the Artists Trail. This year we would like artists to volunteer to help with some of the additional tasks. Most if these tasks will be during the month before and during the Artists Trail.
Voluntary tasks *
This is to cover you, Sydenham Arts Limited and all third parties involved in the 2021 Artists Trail.
Insurance of artwork is the artist's responsibility.
Participation Agreement - Liability *
I agree not to hold the Sydenham Arts Limited or its authorised representatives liable for any claims whatsoever arising out of my participation in the 2021 Sydenham Artists Trail.
Participation Agreement - Intellectual Copyright / Image Rights *
I give permission to Sydenham Arts Limited to reproduce images of any of my artwork for promotional purposes only in printed materials and on the Sydenham Arts website.
Participation Agreement - Payment *
I agree to pay the entry fee by 4th July 2021: [£50 per individual artist at their own home / studio; £70 per artist exhibiting at a venue organised by Sydenham Arts; £20 per artists exhibiting virtually; £10 for students and unwaged; £150 per collective of 5 or more artists.] You will be notified how to pay when your entry has been accepted.
If you do not agree to any of the Participation Agreement terms or wish to provide feedback, comments, ideas or suggestions please enter them here.
When you have submitted this application you will be given a link to complete Sydenham Arts Equal Opportunities Monitoring form.

The information you supply will be held in confidence, is anonymous and will be used solely for monitoring purposes.

You are not obliged to answer all or any questions but the more information you supply the more effective our monitoring will be.

If you choose not to answer questions it will not affect your application.
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