Questionnaire for Zen and the Art of Website Maintenance (Watercooler, 11/4/2009)
I am researching <em>"the process of building a website within a team environment"</em> for a presentation I will be making during the Watercooler gathering (a "brown bag" meeting) at Time Inc on November 4th. I am hoping to get some feedback from individuals who are a part of that process. Below are a few questions, please answer them as thoroughly as possible. Any information you provide will only be used for this research and is being submitted totally <strong>anonymously</strong>. Thank you in advance for your time! --Alex Khost
1. What is your current (or most recent) role / title? *
2. How long have you been in this industry? *
3. Which best describes your work situation? *
4. Which of the following methodology processes / philosophies are you familiar with, if any? *
5. Which of these methodology processes / philosophies do you use at your current (or most recent) job? *
6. Of the processes / philosophies you are familiar with, which of them do you think is most useful (e.g. is efficient, produces a quality product, considers all perspectives, etc.)? *
7. Throughout your career, what percent of projects have suffered from the following problems? *
More than 75% of projects
51% - 75% of projects
25% - 50% of projects
Less than 25% of projects
N / A
Unrealistic deadlines
Lack of funding
Lack of communication of goals / requirements
Poor management / direction
Poor company goals / mission
Bureaucratic red tape
Faulty equipment / technological issues
Insufficient resources
8. How much do you think the following motivate people to go to work? *
Extremely Motivating
Somewhat Motivating
Rarely Motivating
Never Motivating
N / A
Salary / monetary compensation
Recognition from management / peers
Feeling like they're making "a difference" in the world / at their job
Learning new skills / getting experience
Self-motivation, challenging one's self
Competition, striving to do better than competition or co-workers
Fear of losing their job
Career advancement
Office camaraderie, fun work atmosphere
9. Briefly describe the best team work situation you have been a part of? What do you feel made it so successful?
10. What do you think makes for a high quality project versus a low quality project?
11. On the subject of process, do you have any other thoughts or comments you would like to add?
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