Conference Survey - Badlands Dinosaur Museum & North Dakota Geological Survey present “Cretaceous and Beyond: Vertebrate Paleontology of the Northern Western Interior”
The Badlands Dinosaur Museum and North Dakota Geological Survey plan to host a conference on North American Cretaceous and Paleogene vertebrate paleontology sometime around late September 2019 in Dickinson, North Dakota. The emphasis will be on the evolution, ontogeny, and paleoecology of vertebrates from the Late Cretaceous and Paleogene of North America. Presentations on relevant non-vertebrate fields such as stratigraphy, palynology, paleobotany, and invertebrate paleontology will also be welcome.

We have selected fall 2019 as our conference date because the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology annual meeting, which is normally held each fall in the United States or Canada, will be held in Australia in 2019. Thus, North America will lack a major vertebrate paleontology conference that year, which will be a disadvantage to the graduate students, early career researchers, and government paleontologists who are unable to afford the cost and time of traveling to Australia. We aim to partly fill this gap with our symposium, which will provide a venue for paleontologists and paleontology students to meet, network, and share their research.

The meeting style will be modeled on the very successful small conferences hosted by the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, such as the Hadrosaur Symposium (2011), Turtle Symposium (2009), and Ceratopsian Symposium (2007). These “small” (50-100 attendees) symposia were notable for bringing together the leaders and rising researchers in these fields for a weekend of focused presentations and field trips.

Dickinson is a thriving town in western North Dakota, with abundant hotels and restaurants located within walking distance of the Badlands Dinosaur Museum @ Dickinson Museum Center and Dickinson State University. The planning and operational costs of the meeting will be kept simple and low, so that the registration fee will be minimized, to keep the meeting accessible to a diverse group of attendees who may not be able to afford attending larger meetings.

We also want to have a portion of the meeting accessible to the public . We plan to hold a public event in which a selection of attendees skilled in public outreach give very brief overviews of their research, followed by a panel discussion welcoming questions from the audience of all ages and backgrounds. We would also like to live-stream this public event online so that a global audience may participate.

This survey aims to gauge interest in attending our conference, and to gather suggestions from you about how to make this conference as useful as possible. Thank you for participating in this survey!

-Meeting Organizers and Sponsoring Institutions
Denver Fowler, Badlands Dinosaur Museum, Dickinson Museum Center
Liz Freedman Fowler, Dickinson State University
Clint Boyd, North Dakota Geological Survey
Jeff Person, North Dakota Geological Survey
Becky Barnes, North Dakota Geological Survey

The meeting will likely be on a Saturday and Sunday, with optional field trips before and after. If you are interested in attending the meeting, which date ranges would be possible for you? Please select all dates you could attend.
What is the likelihood of you attending this conference?
Almost definitely not
Almost definitely yes
We are considering possible ways to make the meeting accessible and useful for people attending online. If you could not attend the meeting in person, would you want to register for online attendance? This could include streaming presentation talks live online, Skype group chat sessions, and/or an “avatar” carrying a tablet with Skype around the meeting for the full virtual experience.
Do you have any suggestions for other methods or features for online attendance?
Your answer
If you would submit an abstract for a presentation, would you prefer to present a talk or poster?
We are considering testing out some new presentation formats. These would be in addition to a standard SVP-style presentation. Would you be interested in presenting any of the following? (Select as many as you like.)
Would you be interested in having your talk recorded and available online (youtube or other open-access video site)?
What topic(s) might your presentation cover?
What geographic regions might your presentation cover?
We are planning two field trips: one to the Late Cretaceous Hell Creek and Judith River Formations (MT and maybe ND), and one to Cenozoic mammal/other localities (ND). Field trip costs will be kept as low as possible, and should be much cheaper than the usual SVP/GSA prices. Which field trip might you be interested in attending?
We plan to hold one field trip before the meeting, and one after. If the main meeting is held on a Saturday and Sunday, do you have a preference for a pre-meeting trip (Thursday and Friday or just Friday), or a post-meeting field trip (Monday or Monday and Tuesday)?
Would you be more likely to drive or fly? (We plan to provide shuttles from the Dickinson and Bismarck airports.)
Would you be interested in on-site child care?
Do you have a suggestion for a better title than “Cretaceous and Beyond: Vertebrate Paleontology of the Northern Western Interior”?
Your answer
We are early in the planning stages, so we are very open to suggestions about any aspect of this conference. Do you have creative ideas about something new you’d like to see/do/have at a conference? Do you have any recurring complaints about other conferences so we can do something differently? This is your chance to help design your dream conference!
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If you would like to be contacted via email with updates about this conference, please provide your name and email address.
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