Election Day Field Service Technician (FST) Job Application
The Election Day Field Service Technician job involves being trained for one-half day in the setup and operation of polling place voting equipment used for checking in voters and marking and casting ballots. FST's will pick up materials and badges the day before Election Day and will then be deployed for a 15-hour day on Election Day providing assistance and support to poll workers at a specific polling location.
Assignments will be made as close as possible to the county in which you reside for both training and Election Day. Some short distance travel may be required.

•Must be 18 years of age or older
•Must have a reliable means of transportation to:
-Attend one half-day training session the week before the election
-Pick up your credentials and materials on the Monday before the election (11/2/20)
-Arrive at your assigned polling location promptly on Election Day by 6:00 AM
•Must not be actively involved in a campaign, or work for a candidate on the ballot this election
•Must not be involved with/member of a PAC or advocacy group with a ballot issue this election
•No felony convictions

Dress code is professional business casual. Polo shirts and neat-looking jeans are acceptable. No t-shirts or tank tops. By law, clothing articles may not endorse any candidates, campaigns, or ballot issues. Shirts may not note or promote employers or any other corporations.

•Interest in supporting your local community with its elections and voting process
•A positive, friendly attitude and the desire to solve problems/help others
•Experience and familiarity with using tablets, computers, printers and scanners
•Commitment to showing up on time prepared to make a difference
•Ability to provide basic technical instructions to non-technical users

Eligible high school students seeking service credit for graduation are also encouraged to apply!

Compensation will be a total of $400.00 for training, prep time on Monday, and Election Day on Tuesday.
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