Florida Shelter Emergency Contact Updates
The UF team coordinates with local, state, and national organizations to assess needs and coordinate assistance for shelters. One of the most critical needs is the evacuation of shelter animals in the path of a hurricane out of harm’s way. It’s up to you to make sure we have your emergency contact information before a threat is looming.

We recognize that there have been many changes to our organizations this past year, including personnel, and we want to make sure we’re able to continue providing pre- and post-disaster assistance to shelters across Florida by ensuring we have the proper contacts and information.

We will NOT use your CONTACT information for any other purpose and it will remain confidential at UF.

We have included a new (optional) section this year (Shelter Information) in order to streamline our, and the local and national organizations we partner with, efforts to help you better pre- and post-disaster. This information WILL be available to the local and national orgs we coordinate with only to assist in disaster preparation and response.
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