VI Training Post-Assessment
Thank you for completing the Coordinated Entry Training Part 2/VI-SPDAT Assessment Training! To ensure that you have watched the video in full and understand the material presented, please take this short quiz below. This quiz will then be scored by CAFTH staff, who will inform you if you have passed the assessment and are eligible to begin/continue completing VI-SPDATs in the community.
1. Answers to questions should be detailed and clients should give as much information as possible. *
2. Assessors can provide additional clarity if a client is unable to comprehend the wording of a question. *
3. The VI-SPDAT does not ask about meaningful daily activities, such as activities that make someone feel happy and fulfilled, because they are not considered important enough. *
4. Follow-up questions (such as questions that ask about how to find a client, if they have a phone number, etc.) are not included on the VI because all people receiving an assessment are already linked to an agency. *
5. Questions about drug and alcohol use are looking at the recent past (3-5 years) as opposed to a person's entire life history. *
6. What is your name? *
7. What is your position title? *
What agency do you work for? *
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