Hitler's Germany: Library Activity
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You have probably not chosen a topic for your final project yet -- today is about exploration, so use this time to experiment with different topic ideas.
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Which database did you choose for starting your search today? *
What types of resources may you get from the database you chose? *
Describe 2 searching techniques or tools that you used to create your search. *
(Examples might be Boolean Operators, Wildcards or Truncation)
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Copy and paste several useful Subject Headings from this article or ebook into the text box below. *
(Look for these Subject Headings in the larger record for the article--when you click on the title--or in the bibliographic citation. For ebooks, look in the "Subjects" list for each book in your list of search results.)
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Copy and paste the bibliographic citation from an article or ebook that looks like it might be useful for your project in the box below. *
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Export at least one citation into your RefWorks account. Do you already have a RefWorks account? *
If you already have a RefWorks account, open it in a separate tab and Export your citation. If not, open a new tab and create a RefWorks account, and then export the citation.
Using one of the broader subject headings you found for the article or ebook, do a search In The Carl B. for print books in our library. Export the the book citation to RefWorks. *
Did you create a folder for this class in RefWorks yet? If not, take this opportunity to do so, and then move all of your citations from this class activity into that folder. What did you name your folder?
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