RDU Blues Feedback Form
We are always up for getting feedback of any type. Whether you have a suggestion, a question, or a critique, please share it with us and help make our dances more welcoming, fun, and safe!

If you would like to remain anonymous, do not fill in the contact information below. Your email will not be associated with your response unless you fill in the email option below. If you are looking for a response, please provide contact information.

Other options for feedback are speaking to an organizer, using the physical feedback box present at dances, or emailing us at info@rdublues.com

Only current board members of RDU Blues can view the results of this form. Current members Caroline Leitschuh, Suzanne Julian, Tiffany Breindel, John Rowe, Ben Thomas, Amanda Marron, Katie Gaddis, John Graner, Dave Warner, Laura Lackey, Rachid El-Khattabi, Justis Peters, and Shelli Plesser.
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