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For example: "The company is engaged in construction activities. Specialized in the construction of houses, as well as overhaul of any complexity (apartments, houses, offices)"
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Usually, the name is a domain, but in case of a long name you can use an abbreviation or a shorter name.
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Once the domain is registered, make sure it´s yours
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For example
A set of words separated by commas that you can find on google.
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The size of the page on the screen
How does the normal monitor appear on the page
Clear selection
Who is the target of the website?
The target audience for your site
What is the task on the website?
The most important goals of your webpage
Examples of sites you like
1-5 links to the websites that you like about design, structure, content
Language versions of the website *
Which languages ​​should be on your webpage
Website style by color
Which colors should not be on your site
For example: "I absolutely do not want to see green color on the site"
Do you want to order the design of the corporate style of the company?
If you do not have your own corporate identity, a logo, the colors of which you must adhere.
On which geographic regions should the site be oriented to?
For example: Tenerife, Baltics, Europe, America
Methods of payment on the site
In case of selling the goods or services on the site, select the necessary payment methods
What functionality should be presented on the website?
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Appropriate payment method for you
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Your wishes, remarks, additions.
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