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Describe yourself
Take a few sentences to write a short narrative about yourself. It doesn't have to be fishing or kayaking related. Just give us a brief description of what you think you are like in real life.
Tell us about your kayak fishing experience and accomplishments
Tell us about your kayak fishing experience and accomplishments. When did you start kayak fishing? Why do you like to kayak fishing? Do you participate in any fishing tournaments? Don't be shy. Others will be bragging in their application.
Describe a memorable kayak fishing outting
List your boats (make and model)
What kinds of kayak, canoe, SUP, drift boat, etc. do you have? Please list all that you currently own.
Current/previous industry sponsorships and teams
Don't get stressed out about this question. We've all got to get our start somewhere, so you quiet simply may not have any industry deals or sponsorship's at this time is okay. However, if you happen to be a part of other fishing teams, pro staffs, or have other sponsorship, please let us know in the space below. (Year - Company/Team - Role)Your answer
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Are you a part of any fishing clubs, communities, or outdoor organizations? If so, which ones?
How will Anchor Wizard Products help you?
If you were on the Anchor Wizard product development team and had to bring a new product to market, what would it be?
Local Anchor Wizard dealers?
Tell us if there are any Anchor Wizard dealers in your area and if you have developed a relationship with them. We want our team to actively be involved in the success of our retailers.
Closing statement
Here's your last chance to give us information for us to consider for your addition to Team Anchor Wizard. What will being on Team Anchor Wizard mean to you? Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself? Do you need to mention any other online presences, recent publications is a magazine, online blog, or contributions?
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