Marvelous Mania ( - Application for Free Advertising
We love owners who create stuff in Second Life "for the love of it" ... this includes interesting and scenic locations, art displays and music venues, where it is free to get in. To show our appreciation, we offer Free Advertising that never expires to the following types of parcel owners:
* Venues that offer free music for tips by DJs.
* Venues that offer free music for tips by Live Artists (singers)
* Venues that offer artistic displays. They can be parcels or entire regions (such as LEA).
* Interesting Locations; such as Helping Haven. Must be really beneficial.

We have some restrictions for Free Advertising. We reserve the right to apply our own subjective opinion on the application of these restrictions.
(1) The venue has to be around for at least 4 months. Exception are LEA builds.
(2) For music venues, art venues, and interesting locations, there has to be a kind of consistency
to the quality of the build. It cannot be a something that feels put together in a hurry.
(3) For music venues, the venue owner cannot take a "cut" of an artist, host or manager's tips.
With this rule, we fee that those venues can afford to pay for advertising themselves.

If there is a store is on the property, these rules apply:
(4) The store must be a small part of the parcel or region area.
(5) Parcels cannot contain multi-vendor stores (aka Malls).

We feel that if a venue or locations have big stores, they have sufficient revenue to pay for advertising. Free advertising is really meant for owners who run venues, clubs and locations who aren't trying to make money and are trying to share their creativity with other Residents.

Filling out this form does not guarantee free advertising. We use the form as a way to organize requests for Free Advertising, but perform a manual review of your parcel before offering you a Token. You use a token to register your venue or location with our service. Any venue or location is subject to a review at any time, and if we feel you have changed your parcel in a way that violates our rules, we might remove your token from our platform and unlist you form our HUD.

Unlike store, sales and hunt tokens, Free Advertising Tokens never expire. As soon as you register your object, it appears on our HUD the following day. Furthermore, you can change what information you register. That information will be available almost immediately on your kiosk, and appear on the HUD the following day.
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