Lakes of Fire: Fire Dancers and Conclave Performers
You know who you are! Those that love to feel the heat as we shake our booties! The FAST (Fire Art Safety Team) requests that you fill out this form if you plan on dancing with fire at any point during Lakes of Fire.

All fire dancers are welcome to come and perform in Conclave, the fire performance that happens at the base of the effigy right before it is lit on Saturday night. All skill levels are welcome. Come join in the fun and shake your fire booty with us!!

All conclave performers are required to attended a LOF specific fire safety training course. Time and location TBD
If you have taken the course before (2011-2015) at LOF then you do not need to take it again. We will be checking our logs to make sure.

All Fire Breathers must take the fire breather safety course, which is at the same time as the safety training.

Please take a moment to fill out this form.

Any questions, give me a holler!

Time Lord (aka Devin Bean) - Chicago
& Majik Dakini - Detroit
Conclave and Fire Dancer Leads

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Are you a fire spinner or a fire safety? *
Are you planning on being a part of conclave as a Fire spinner or a Fire Safety? *
Conclave is the group of fire dancers who perform at the base of the effigy on Saturday night before the effigy is lit. All conclave spinners are required to attend or have attended an LOF specific fire safety training to spin in conclave.
Have you attended an LOF specific fire safety training in the past? *
What year did you attend the training? *
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Q & A *
Have you read and understand the Fire Performers Q & A?
Safety Training Attendance *
Attending a safety training is necessary to perform or safety in Conclave. Safety trainings are held on Friday and Saturday afternoon (4pm). If you have attended a Lakes of Fire specific safety training in the past, you do not need to attend a full training again. If you have not attended a Lakes of Fire specific safety training, you will need to do so on Friday or Saturday of the event. Please click the box below to show that you have read and understand that you must attend a safety training.
Would you be interested in joining or organizing a choreographed performance?
Since 2013, we have featured choreographed performances in Conclave. This is not required and anyone who just wants to spin freely is welcome! If you are interested in hearing more about choreography, but are uncertain about committing, you are welcome to attend our Choreography meeting on Thursday and Friday afternoon (2pm) at the Effigy to hear more about it!
Conclave Lammi *
Do you understand you are required to have a laminate to perform in conclave? Without it you will not be allowed entrance beyond fire permitter.
Conclave Safety
Do you have someone who can be a fire safety during conclave? If yes, please list their name and email and have them fill out this form.
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Are you a fire breather? *
Large Fire Tools
Do you perform with any large, out of the ordinary fire tools - Bigger or more unique then a dragon staff.
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Volunteering *
Do you have an interest in volunteering with FAST (Fire Arts Safety Team). This could be doing fire watches, safety watches, fire patrols, effigy burn support and more.
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