8th Annual EFS 72 Hour Horror Film Competition Filmmaker Registration Form


After a three year hiatus, Emerald Broadband presents the Eugene Film Society’s 8th Annual 72-Hour Horror Film Competition.

From Thursday, October 19th through Sunday, October 22nd, local and regional filmmakers are invited to compete to produce the best 3 minute horror film within 72 hours, incorporating a mandated line of dialogue and prop. Films submitted by deadline will be screened by a jury of media professionals, and public audiences at the Art House (formerly the Bijou) cinema on Sunday, October 29th. 

The film selected “Jury Award” winner will receive a $666 cash prize, and the film voted “Audience Award” winner by the screening event audiences will also receive a $666 cash prize.

Additionally, awards will be given for excellence in several categories, with prize packages provided by sponsoring businesses.

All competing teams must register by 6:59pm on Thursday, October 19th. Registered filmmakers must check in at the Art House cinema on Thursday, October 19th between 6:00pm-8:00pm where they will be notified of the mandated line of dialogue and prop.  This is a casual drop-in event, so filmmaking teams can check in and dive right into the creative process.

Completed films must be returned via USB drive at the Art House, or via GoogleDrive, DropBox or WeTransfer, no later than 8:00pm on Sunday, October 22nd.  Films submitted by deadline, and meeting all specifications and guidelines, will be screened publicly at the Art House at 3:30pm, 6:15pm, and 9:30pm. Additional screenings may be added based on demand. Audience members at the public screenings will be invited to vote for their favorite film and determine the 2023 "Audience Award" winner.  

Advance tickets for the October 29th screenings can be purchased using the 50% discount promo code below until October 19th. Enter the code during checkout as a "promo code" on the final payment screen (this system will not recognize this as a "voucher" code).

50% TICKET DISCOUNT PROMO CODE: NIGHTMARE2023 (valid until 8pm on October 19th)

Reserve your tickets here:


After the above code expires, tickets for the public screenings are offered for $11/Adult, $10/Student, $8/Senior, and can be purchased anytime at the Art House box office, or online at:

Major support for this event comes from Emerald Broadband, offering internet so fast… it’s scary.


If you are not in the immediate area and/or are unable to check in for the kick-off in person, we are happy to make reasonable accommodations for remote participation, but arrangements must be made in advance.  Please include a note in the registration form and we will reach out to you to outline the standards for remote participation and submission.

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1. No equipment, cast/crew, or support of any kind will be provided by the Eugene Film Society during the competition. Each team must use the resources independently available to them. Participants are solely responsible for understanding how to use and maintain their own equipment. All risk associated with the production, including but not limited to equipment failure or damage, lies solely with the production team. Additionally, no technical assistance will be provided by EFS at any point during the competition-- please take the time to verify your post-production workflow in advance.

2. With the sole exception of music, which must be original, licensed (creative commons or otherwise), or otherwise royalty free, all intellectual material -- including but not limited to script, story, animation, sound effects, and special effects -- must be generated within the seventy-two hour competition time period.  No stock or found footage created outside of that time period may be used. Films will be disqualified or penalized for unauthorized use of copyrighted or pre-existing material in their production.

3. Each production team is responsible for generating, securing and submitting talent and location release forms for every member of their cast, crew, and for all locations used. 

4. EFS reserves the perpetual and non-exclusive right to exhibit, reproduce, manipulate, distribute or sell, without consideration to the production team or talent, any and all submitted films, in whole or in part, in any format or form of media.

5. To be eligible for the "Jury Award" and "Audience Award," films must be physically or digitally received by an EFS volunteer or board member no later than Sunday, October 22nd, 2023 at 8:00pm.

6. Total runtime of the completed film must be between 2 and 3 minutes long, including any credits; the completed film must include both the mandated prop and creative element, and must feature the mandated competition "title card" for at least 3 seconds at the beginning of the video file. 

7. Completed films must be submitted in one of the following formats:

2K or 4K DCP: This is the preferred format, and will play back in the highest quality. Please note when exporting/copying/sending your DCP that the folder and all files within it must not be renamed or moved into subdirectories— no changes can be made after exporting the DCP— even minor spelling corrections to filenames can make the DCP unplayable.

QUICKTIME FILE using exactly these specs: .mov or .mp4; h264 codec; 23.98 or 24fps (this is imperative - non-standard framerates such as 25, 29.97, 30 cannot be accepted); 1920x1080 resolution; AAC audio; please no ProRes, DNx or other proprietary formats.


via DropBox, WeTransfer, FileMail, etc.: share with edward@broadwaymetro.com

via GoogleDrive: share with broadwaymetrocinema@gmail.com

via USB drive

8. Please use the following naming convention when saving your final file: "YOUR MOVIE TITLE_Your Team Name"

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