CampHERO Returning Volunteers 2017
CampHERO Returning Volunteer Profile
Welcome back!
Thank you for your commitment to CampHERO! This form will allow you to quickly update your information. Your information is used strictly for CampHERO and is not shared!

If you are due for a background check (every three years) you will receive a separate email from the Girl Scouts of WI.

Watch for emails inviting you to sign up for shifts!

Volunteer Requirements
All CampHERO Volunteers must:
- Be at least 16 years of age.
- Have a current Volunteer Profile on file which includes an annual background check.
- Complete the CampHERO orientation and training appropriate to position.
- Be able to work with people of diverse backgrounds.
- Have strong communication and organizational skills and ability to maintain accurate records.
- Adhere to all policies, standards and procedures for GSUSA, Girl Scouts of Wisconsin-Badgerland Council & CampHERO.
- Fulfill the duties listed in the appropriate volunteer position description.

CampHERO volunteers with the following responsibilities must be or become current registered members of GSUSA and pay the annual $15 membership dues (financial assistance is available):
- Volunteers who are responsible for the direct supervision of girls.
- Volunteers who handle money or financial records.
- Volunteers who have access to the personal information of girls or volunteers.

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The CampHERO Leadership Team meets year-round to do all the planning and pre-camp work.
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