SOLEPLIER Consignment Agreement
This consignment agreement is made effective in perpetuity from the date of completion and approval by the consignor. Any items brought to SOLEPLIER to be sold will be subject to all of the conditions listed below. You must agree to ALL conditions within the agreement in order to be allowed to consign items at SOLEPLIER. We will offer your consigned items for sale in such a manner that we may deem appropriate, including by means of display in-store, our website and or on one or more of our social media sites. We make no guarantee as to whether, when or at what price any goods can or will be sold.
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Consignor's First & Last Name *
Right To Sell *
As per this understanding, you warrant that you are the legitimate and legal proprietor of the items being consigned. You additionally warrant that the entirety of the things brought for transfer are 100% authentic in nature. Should your things sell and confirmation be given that you are not the legitimate proprietor you will be liable for any pay mentioned by the legitimate owner. Moreover, if the merchandise are found to be unauthentic after the sale is made, you will be liable for reimbursing the client that purchased the items.
Proceeds Of Sales *
When your consigned items are sold, the purchasing client will be charged applicable sales taxes on the sale price of the items. When the proceeds from the items are received they will be applied as follows (1) first, to the charge of the applicable sales tax, (2) next, to pay us a commission of 15% of the sale cost, and (3) at long last, the staying 85% will be paid to you. NOTE: SOLEPLIER claims all authority to expand the commission rate to be paid and will do as such with reasonable enough notice by means of web based life destinations and signs in store that you will be permitted to get your consigned items that have not sold should you not wish to pay the new consignment rate.
Title Of Merchandise *
All consigned items will remain the property of the consignor until sold. If the products are lost or taken, damaged by fire, flood, client dealing with, or different causes outside of the control of SOLEPLIER, at that point, but to the degree of any insurance proceeds that we gather in regard of such merchandise, the danger of misfortune will stay with you and SOLEPLIER won't accept any accountability or commitment to make any installment or repayment in regard of any such misfortune or harm, or for any unique significant harms. We don't make any affirmations that the insurance agency will give inclusion to the merchandise or the sum which any back up plan may offer in appreciation of any setback identifying with the products nor do we assure that we will record a case for any such misfortune or harm.
Withdrawal Of Goods *
We can and may, whenever, choose consignors to pickup items they have left for consignment at SOLEPLIER that have not been sold. We will contact in advance should we choose to practice this right.
Entire Agreement & Severability *
This understanding contains the whole understanding of the consignor and SOLEPLIER and there are no different guarantees or conditions in whatever other understanding, regardless of whether composed or oral. This understanding overrides any earlier composed or oral understandings between the two gatherings. Should any state of this understanding be held to be invalid or unenforceable by a court in any capacity whatsoever, the rest of the conditions will keep on being substantial and enforceable in every other purview.
Consignor's Approval *
I have perused and concurred with every single required state of this understanding and comprehend that I am limited by this understanding by entering my First and Last Name and Date.
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