Voting List of NLP Elements

With this list you can vote on what is part of NLP and what is not.
The goal is to generate an overview of NLP that is broadly shared and yet highly specific.

This questionnaire is part of the Elder Columns Project, an initiative of the NLP Leadership Summit.
Right now, the voting is limited to LS members. So please don't vote now if you are not a member.
In the future we may expand the voting access to people who meet certain criteria.

Filling out the list takes between 10 and 20 minutes. However, you can take as long as you want.

What are the questions? We will present you with many possible NLP elements and ask you whether you consider them to be part of NLP or not. We will also ask you when you received your Practitioners and Masters Certificates, how many NLP trainings you have taught and so on. You may have to look that information up. As long as you leave the page open, the form won't close and you may continue later. Or you can come back and open the form the same way you did now.

Thank you so much for helping to finally clarify what NLP is and what it is not!

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