Mapleton Public Schools Senior Exit Form 2020
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Would you like your information added to the Mapleton Alumni Database for updates on class reunions, and other alumni and district events? *
Did you attend CAMP 2020 during the summer between your 8th grade and 9th grade year? *
Are you a First Generation College Student *
Will you be the first in your family to go to college (neither PARENTS has a 4-year degree)
Parent Education *
What level of education did Parent 1 complete?
Parent Education
What level of education did Parent 2 complete?
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What are your plans for after graduation? *
Please identify your plan for after graduation (for example, attending college, military, working)
If you are attending a college out of state, please write in the name of the college here:
Enrollment - to Attend *
Have you paid your deposit (or confirmed a waiver) to enroll in college?
Enrollment - Housing *
Have you paid your deposit for campus housing or completed a waiver for college housing?
Orientation *
Have you set up new student orientation for the college you plan to attend in fall 2020?
Enrollment - Registering - Classes *
Have you registered for classes for fall semester 2020?
What do you expect to be doing in September 2020? *
Choose ONE of the five options
List your college email address (this is the email address you are using for the college you have chosen to attend). *
While attending college, do you plan to work part-time? *
Please list what your proposed major in college will be. If you are not sure, please write undecided.
If not attending college skip this question
I have a scholarship for college. *
If you have scholarship money for college please list the names of ALL scholarship that you have been offered.
Check with your PSOC- this question may be optional for your school if they have already documented all your scholarships
I plan to participate in intercollegiate sports during my first year of college.
If you are not attending college please skip this question
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I plan to enlist in the military. Please mark which branch.
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I do not plan to go to college. I plan to work.
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Are you currently employed? *
By September 2020 I plan to enter an approved apprentice program.
please list the apprenticeship program
I don't know what my plans are or what I will be doing in September 2020. *
What was most helpful when you were planning for what you would be doing after high school? *
Was there anything else that you would have liked help with during your senior year? *
What kind of support would be helpful after graduation? *
Check all the items that you would like help with
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