Bay Area Covid Relief Project: Donor Sign-Up
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The goal of this project is to connect people who have supplies with people who do not. Participation is quick and simple; just follow the four steps below.

1. Review the list of highly needed items below. If you can offer any of them (or others), even in small quantities, complete and submit this form.

2. Wait for a member of our team to contact you. We do NOT expect you to deliver the items yourself. Rather, we will just ask you to leave them on your doorstep at a specified time, and one of our drivers will come by to pick them up. (If your living situation makes this model infeasible, we will work out something else.)

3. If you have access to a car and even a few hours to spare, please consider joining us as a volunteer driver. This entails picking up donations from a number of residences and transporting them to a recipient organization. Fill out this extra form (LINK: if you're interested, and we'll contact you shortly.

4. Share this form widely. Post it on social media, send it to an email list, or simply show it to immediate friends and family. We'd like to get the word out to as many Bay Area residents as possible.

Thank you so much for any help you can offer. Through committing to solidarity and mutual care, we may find that we emerge from this pandemic stronger than we entered it.


~ If you are an organization in need of supplies, please fill out this extra form (LINK: We will reach out shortly.

~ To contact us with any questions or concerns, please email

~ You may submit this form again if you are able to donate more items at a later time.
Highly Needed Items
-- Hand Sanitizer
-- Disinfectant Wipes
-- Gloves
-- Unused, Packaged Masks (any type)
-- Sewn Cloth Masks
-- Disinfectant Spray (Lysol, Clorox, etc.)
-- Hand Soap
-- Laundry Detergent
-- Nonperishable Food (canned goods, dry goods, snacks, drinks, etc.)
-- Bottled Water
-- Blankets
-- Towels
-- Unused, Packaged Undergarments
-- Diapers
-- Wet Wipes
-- Feminine Hygiene Products
-- Pet Food
-- Batteries (any type)
-- Paper Towels
-- Toilet Paper
-- Oral Hygiene Products (toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, etc.)
-- Miscellaneous Cleaning, Hygiene, or Health Supplies
What is your name? *
What item(s) can you donate? (Select as many as apply.) *
If you selected "Other" above, please specify your donation items below.
What is your street address? *
What is your city of residence? *
Can you leave your donation items on your doorstep or at your gate for pickup? *
Do you live in a gated community that is not accessible to the public? *
What is your email address? (Please list one that you check regularly.) *
What is your phone number? *
Have you submitted this form before? (You may submit multiple times as more donation items become available.) *
Do you consent to your NAME, STREET ADDRESS, and PHONE NUMBER being given to the driver assigned to your neighborhood? Your information will not be released publicly, nor shown to other donors. *
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