Meyer Hatchery Loss Reporting Form
While we do not anticipate a loss, Meyer Hatchery does cover losses of birds that arrive deceased or birds that pass within 48 hours of arrival when properly cared for. Losses must be reported within 72 hours of arrival. Please review proper brooding here:
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A valid email address is REQUIRED to use this loss reporting form.
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How many birds did you receive total? *
Please count them. We often send extras just in case!
How were the birds acting overall when you received them? *
Were your birds dead on arrival or did they pass during the 48-hours? *
How many of each kind were ALIVE AND WELL at 48 hours? *
This is an ALIVE and WELL count by breed. Please be specific! 3 Female (F) Rhode Island Reds, 2 Straight Run (SR) Barred Rock, etc. If you ordered an assortment, just put the total alive and well. If you need any help distinguishing specific breeds ordered, click here for some help:
OR If you have a long list of alive, please simply list the deceased breeds: *
If you need any help distinguishing specific breeds ordered, click here for some help:
Brooder Type and Temperature *
For losses that occurred during the first 48 hours, are you using a heat lamp, a brooder plate or something else? What is the temperature of your brooder? Brooder temperature is the #1 cause of losses during this time, whether it's too hot or too cold. Please review our care information on how to take care of your new chicks.
What are you feeding them? *
What brand and formula are you feeding your new chicks? i.e. Meyer Hatchery Brand Organic Chick Starter, NatureWise Chick Starter Grower Feed Medicated. Proper nutrition is super important for the health of your new babies. Make sure you are feeding a high quality feed that is the correct formula based on bird type and age:
How can we make this right? *
Meyer Hatchery may replace an order 1 time only and seasonal minimums must be met. Please refer to our shipping page for more details about minimums:
Additional Info
Are you willing to take assorted chicks or a smaller or larger chick quantity to get a sooner ship date? Do you have to have your birds by a certain time? Are you going on vacation and cannot take birds a certain week, etc. Please let us know how to best make this right for you.
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