Nominate Someone for The All Who Aspire Campaign
This is the only place to nominate someone for the All Who Aspire campaign, through which they can receive a free copy of my (Mark Aardsma's) book "Investing With Purpose".

Thank you for caring about your nominee and letting me partner with you to share a little inspiration with them.

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One of the above is required before you can nominate someone. On the honor system. If you bought the book and haven't read it yet, you qualify. If you read a copy you borrowed or received as a gift, that's ok too, you qualify. If you have a special access code, choose 'Other' and enter the code.
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In case we haven't met, here's me. This photo was taken by Ian Riley, the artist who created the fun drawings in the book. (Don't forget to scroll down and click submit.)
What's Next
I'll review your nomination and if everything is in order and supplies of the book have held out, I'll mail your nominee a copy of the book with a note from you and me right away.

Thank you for sharing the power of being believed in.

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