Yugoslavia and the Bosnian War VBQ
Watch the video clips below and answer the questions that follow.
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Many ethnic and religious groups lived within Yugoslavia, which was a federation of six republics. The map shows how the ethnic groups were distributed. Some of those groups held ancient grudges against one another. The chart summarizes some of the cultural differences among the groups.
Which of the states within former Yugoslavia was the most ethnically diverse? *
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Examine the chart. What was the main difference between the three main ethnic groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina? *
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The ethnic group described as “Muslims” on the chart refers to Bosniaks, Slavic Muslims distinguished mainly by religion. What can the show us about the nature of ethnic identity? *
Kosovo was a province within Serbia. What made that region distinct from the rest of Serbia? *
You were already required to watch the video below, which explains the BREAKUP OF YUGOSLAVIA, in a previous VBQ, titled "Cold War Potpourri VBQ", that you were supposed to complete last week. This provides the overall context of the topic. If you want to refresh, I put it here for you to do that. However, if you never did the Cold War Potpourri VBQ, why don't you just go do that now, and you'll watch this video in the process, and you'll be all ready to do this VBQ! KTHANKSBYE.
HOT TOPICS: Like similar topics such as the Armenians and the Turks, the Holocaust, Israel and Palestine, India and Pakistan Partition, Myanmar and the Rohingya, the Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda, this topic of the break up of Yugoslavia and the atrocities that were committed are very controversial and painfully emotional, especially those whose family comes from this region. Therefore, there will inevitably be elements of this story that are not covered as fully as would be ideal. However, the events discussed in the videos below are a major focal point of the conflict, and connect to the themes of ethnic cleansing and genocide that we have explored throughout the year.
The videos below are from part of a longer CNN documentary on genocide since the Holocaust called "Scream Bloody Murder" hosted by Christianne Amanpour.
Scream Bloody Murder: Bosnia Part 1
Scream Bloody Murder: Bosnia Part 2
What was the goal of the Serbs in Bosnia, and what actions did they take to achieve that goal? *
How was this similar to the Holocaust? *
Do you think the actions in Bosnia were Ethnic Cleansing or Genocide? *
Note: Ethnic cleansing differs from genocide in that its primary goal is the expulsion of a group of people from a geographical area and not the actual physical destruction of that group, even though the same methods–including murder, rape, torture and forcible displacement–may be used.
What was Holbrook’s view on what should be done to address the crisis? *
Why do you think President Bush, and even President Clinton, did not want to get the United States involved in Bosnia? *
What part of this video resonated most with you or most affected you? Why? *
SUMMARY QUESTION: Did the nations of the world have a responsibility to intervene in the conflicts resulting from the breakup of Yugoslavia? Explain your opinion. *
Is there anything that you think was missing from this presentation? Were there angles that you feel are important that should have been given more attention? If so, explain. *
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