Online Information Session: Majors in Mathematics or Statistics & Data Science
Thank you for your interest in the math or SDS major!

To prepare you for meeting with an advisor, we have set up a brief information session that will walk you through the information about our degrees and requirements. Familiarizing yourself with this information now will allow your advisor to spend more time addressing your specific needs when you meet. Please make note of any questions you have along the way - your advisor will be happy to go over them with you!
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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.)?
Upon declaring a major in mathematics or SDS, students must select a degree in which the major will appear. We offer your choice of a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.). These degrees have many common requirements, including minimum units, English composition, and many of the general education courses. As far as the math department coursework is concerned, the B.A. and B.S. are identical.

There are some differences, however. The requirements for the two degrees differ only in the following ways:
1. Second language requirement (details below).
2. Science/application course requirements (details below).
The B.A. in Mathematics or SDS
Language Requirement: Students must have fourth semester proficiency in a second language.

Science requirement: The B.A. degree is not science-intensive. Students need to complete only the two Tier One NATS (170) and one Tier Two Natural Science courses, as specified in the University General Education requirements.
The B.S. in Mathematics or SDS
Language Requirement: Students must have second semester proficiency in a second language.

Laboratory Science Courses Requirement: The B.S. degree is science-intensive and requires one of the following sequences of laboratory science courses. Note that the specific courses accepted for this requirement are at the same level that students majoring in these sciences would take.
*Calculus-based physics (2 semesters)
*Chemistry (2 semesters)
*Biology (2 semesters)
*Physiology (2 semesters)
*Geosciences (2 semesters)

Application Courses Requirement: (This requirement does *not* apply to the Mathematics Education Option.) Students must complete at least six units of non-math coursework with a prerequisite or corequisite of at least Calculus I (MATH 122B or higher) or statistics (for the SDS major).

Students who complete two semesters of calculus-based physics with labs can fulfill both the lab science and the application course requirements for the B.S. with just these two courses.
True or False? If I choose the B.S. degree with a mathematics major, I can fulfill my lab science requirement with one semester of physics and one semester of chemistry. *
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