Arkansas Braver Angels - Follow-Up Survey
Always feel free to reach out directly to state coordinator Glen White at with any questions or suggestions on how to make our organization better.
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Joining as an official member of Braver Angels allows you to receive more information from the national organization and gives you access to additional training and resources, while at the same time enables them to reach a wider audience. The dues are $12/year. Are you a dues-paying member?
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Which of these events or workshops have you already attended? [SELECT ALL THAT APPLY.]
What are some of the factors that have kept you from becoming even more involved or attending other Braver Angels events? [SELECT ALL THAT APPLY.]
Do you discuss Braver Angels & its goals to your friends or on your social networks?
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Are you interested in becoming a moderator or organizer for workshops?
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Are there any skills you have that you would be able to contribute to our local alliances? This might include IT/technical, graphic design, editing, etc.
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