2017 Cloverbelt Local Food Co-op Member Survey
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We are always striving for effective ways to communicate with you, our member. We want to keep you informed of new local food products, services & events, remind you when shopping is open, include you in the latest co-op news, bring you local food education, and get your feedback on how we are doing.
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Our producers strive to provide sustainably & ethically raised meats and produce. Is this a priority to you?
What other local products would be of interest to you?
CLFC's small sales surcharge from consumers sustainably, but narrowly covers operational costs (one full time staff person, insurance, office expenses, bookkeeping services, annual audit, etc). Making capital investments, such as website upgrades, delivery box investments, cooler purchases, and marketing materials can be challenging and currently require outside funding to achieve. If a 'pay what you can' annual membership fee were implemented, how likely would you be to contribute to making our co-op stronger?
Is there a way that CLFC can strive to provide you with more value for your membership?
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