Gene Expression 2019 Reader Survey
How many years you been reading this weblog?
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Are you an immigrant?
Sexual orientation
Marital status is
How many children do you have? (inclusive of biological and non-biological)
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Nation/region of residence
What is your race/ethnicity? (all that apply)
Life after death?
You attend church/temple/mosque etc. how often?
IQ is
Highest educational qualification
Subjective socioeconomic status currently is
Growing up family's subjective socioeconomic status was
On the extroversion/introversion scale you are:
On social/cultural policy issues (abortion, porn, etc.) you are:
Very Left/liberal/progressive
Very Right/conservative/traditional
On economic/fiscal policy issues you are:
Very Left (socialist)
Very Right (night-watchmen state)
On foreign policy issues you are:
Your general political position is:
If you are an American you are registered as:
If you are a university-educated person, your background is in:
If two populations are mixed, how many random-mating generations does it take to reach HWE? (no google!)
What percentage of the human genome is intergenic? (no google!)
Can you describe what RNA splicing is?
If Razib joined a Roman notable's fan-club, he would join that of
How many books do you read per year (read = 75% or more of the pages)
Have you purchased consumer genomic products for yourself? (e.g., 23andMe)
If you purchased consumer genomic products for yourself, have you made changes based on your results?
If you are a geneticist, please select all types which apply:
Anthropogenic climate change is:
Do you support more nuclear power plants?
Group differences in psychometric test outcomes are
Individual differences in psychometric test outcomes are
The wage-gap between men and women in developed societies is due to
On a 1-10 scale my attitude toward Donald J Trump is
Very negative
Very positive
On a 1-10 scale my attitude toward "Black Lives Matter" is
Very negative
Very positive
In relation to "intersectionality"
In relation to interracial marriage/dating
In relation to migration across borders your position is:
What should Razib write about more in the future?
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