The HVW Mastermind Application
This is your application to join the High Value Woman Mastermind. 

Please take your time to complete the application in as much detail as possible as that helps Elizabeth determine if there is a fit.

If your application is a fit, you will be contacted directly by Elizabeth with the enrollment links & the option to schedule a quick call if you have further questions. She may not reach out right away, please be patient! 

Please note, not everyone will be accepted (it is based on fit as seen in your application) and that working with Elizabeth is an investment of time, energy and money in order to bring you sustainable progress and peace along with quick and long-term results. You must be truly committed to the process & to the result.

Please only apply if you are ready to level up in this area of your life & do what it takes.

Some Details:
This is a high touch, intimate mastermind for women who are looking for support in ending negative dating/relationship patterns & finding their right man.

This is a 5 month container with:
-3xs monthly group coaching calls - 15 calls total
-Includes an online library of 8 video modules (over 50+ videos) that cover all the "teaching" aspects of inner work & how date to find your right guy!
-Replays of all live coaching calls
-Lots of inner work guidance to break your negative patterns

This is for women who are ready to meet the right guy, want marriage, & want to do it through embodying their "feminine" side (this often takes inner healing work & willingness to change), understanding how to navigate the dating to commitment process as quickly & easily as possible, vetting men, identifying red/green flags, identifying what they need & want in a partner, meeting him through different avenues, (including online dating even if it's not been successful in the past, 90% of my clients meet their guys online, through the how I teach to use it), understanding how men operate when it comes to love, communication skills, and so much more.

The cost is: $5,000 (pay in full) or 3xs monthly payment plan of $1,733.

The VIP option with 7 additional 1:1 calls (only 3 available): $9,500 (payment plan available)

Contact me at if you have any questions.

Thank you!

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"This course has changed me by 180 degrees...Unlike every other coaching I did, with you I really changed central patterns that I was completely blind to... Most coaches/therapists stay much more on the surface and nothing changes. I totally shifted the pattern of reversed polarity, mothering men, overworking in relationships and going for guys below my level." 

"During the mastermind my dating experience changed very much. First on the apps: I always had a bunch of matches, but what changed during the program was that every match went to pursuing me and asking me out in no time! Conversations were meaningful and very appreciative of me. The dates I had started to be of higher and higher quality. Before the program it mostly was meeting for coffee or a drink, now it was dinners with being paid a cab afterwards or really fun activities. The quality of the men I dated raised too, because I gained clarity on what I wanted and also because I now knew how to behave to be attractive to this level of guys. 

Unlike every other coaching I did, with you I really changed central patterns that I was completely blind to. It was especially helpful that you had a look at e. g. texts I exchanged with the men I was dating and did not only rely on what I said - what was already “interpreted” by me according to my patterns... Most coaches/therapists stay much more on the surface and nothing changes. I totally shifted the pattern of reversed polarity, mothering men, overworking in relationships and going for guys below my level. 

Because the mastermind has its price I remember talking with my mum about whether I should join. I remember being unsure if what you had to offer would have so much more value in addition to what you were already offering for free on social media. I asked my mum: “What more can she have to offer? There’s already so much on the internet!” Thanks God I did join! Really, what was inside the mastermind was so much more!!! It was so all encompassing and thorough that I suspect theres any other coach out there who is offering anything alike. And this holds true even though I’m a psychologist myself and already knew a lot before enrolling. This course has changed me by 180 degrees. 

Most important for me was that I got a grip on my emotions which could go rollercoaster and lead to either me being extremely anxious and sad and on the other hand starting fights with love interests - very detrimental especially in the beginning! 

Before the program I didn’t know what makes men fall in love with me. Now I know it and that has made my self worth rise. I’m much more confident and self-focused now. I know I have to be myself. I like myself. I’m also much more girly and feminine now and enjoy it so much! Feels to me like it has been buried somewhere inside of me because of societal pressure and now being able to fully be me again feels great! I also feel I’m standing out this way now which is of course helpful when dating ;) 

The only thing I wish to be different is that I wish I had done it sooner. Thank you sooo much! "

-Sarah, Germany

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