Citrine Eagle Guild Application
Welcome to The Citrine Eagle guild application. If you've come this far you've likely already managed to read through the About Us Section, and Recruitment Guidelines. If you have not, it is strongly suggested that you do so and return to this page when you have.

This is one of the largest steps in your entrance into The Citrine Eagle, so it is advised that you think critically, and write to the best of your ability for the questions and prompts on this application. Have fun with the questions and prompts, and take your time.

🎲D20 System:
📚Guild Rules:
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Player Information
Simple things about you that we would like to know about you! These are all mainly out of character questions.
Battle Tag or Discord (Please Specify) *
Main Character Name (OOC Name, Include Special Characters) *
Pronouns (Out of Character) *
Character Race (Out of Character) *
Character Class (Out of Character) *
Tell us a bit about your past roleplaying experience. This can include past guilds, guilds you're presently in on other characters, why you have decided to apply to the Citrine Eagle, or anything you think might be worth including. *
What sort of roleplay styles and mediums do you enjoy? Please check all below that apply. *
Character Information
Please state your character’s full name, including any titles. *
Give us a bio of your character! Please include some background information, a description, and some of your character's personal goals. You can copy/paste your in-game profile, or link an online RP profile (MG Wiki, Carrd, etc.) instead!   *
What sort of abilities and special skills does your character have? *
How did your character learn about us? *
Let’s say your character becomes a boss fight, and dies. What loot would they drop? List as many items as you’d like. *
The next two questions are based on the prompt below. This is meant to have a sample of your writing.
The Citrine Eagle enters an abandoned town in Alterac and finds that a Yeti mother and some of her cubs have taken up refuge in the Town Hall. The mother is extremely protective of her young, and tries to lash out before she is subdued. Injured, the Yeti matriarch is left to your mercy, but can still pack a punch if provoked.
You roll a natural 20 (which is a critical) on a roll for an action to engage the situation however you wish. Emote accordingly in the space below.
On the contrary in the same scenario, you roll a natural one (which is a critical failure). Emote your failure in the space below.
(In-Character) Write a letter to the Citrine Eagle’s officers stating your character’s interest in joining.
By submitting this application you confirm that you have read and will adhere to the Citrine Eagle's Out of Character Rules (, and the Application Guide (

After submitting this application, it is strongly advised that you notify an officer within the guild. We'll get back to you and look through your application as soon as possible!

Zaria Blackmoore - Zaria
Shindo Malphur - Shindo
Joseph Turock - Turock
Ivelis Knapp - Ivelis

If your application is approved, one of the listed members will send you a letter of confirmation in-game, or message you on Discord if you made the information available to schedule an interview at your convenience. We are willing to adjust and work around personal time constraints and will discuss a time and date for your interview.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, or entry into the guild, feel free to contact us at a time of your convenience! We're always happy to help.

Thank you for applying to the Citrine Eagle. We look forward to working with you!
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