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This form must be submitted by Monday at 10:00am, at least three business weeks prior to the weekend you would like the information published, which typically would mean at least SEVEN weeks prior to the event. WHY, YOU ASK? We are working hard to support effective communication for all items that advance the mission of Southpoint, and this ensures the team has time to review the details and create all the related pieces with quality. It's possible that we'll get it done quicker than that. And if you submit this form even further in advance, then things can only get better from there!

(Along with that, please understand, this is only a "request" form. It is possible that not all items will be approved for publication or announcements, or the number of weeks of promotion may be limited, and information may be edited for brevity or other purposes. But never without reason. We want the best for the mission!)

You will receive a copy of your submission by email after submitting it.

Thank you!

Questions/Concerns - email Rachel Reinhardt and Betty Long:,
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Please ensure your location is confirmed before submitting this form. (Don't just submit a Room Request and this form on the same day.) This protects against publishing inaccurate information. Thanks!
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Consider, we can manipulate it so that it is in the printed program at all, but only announced heavily at one location, or something like that, if it is practical. Please type any details into the "Other" box, or email Jessica separately.
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Please make an effort to compose appropriately for written and/or spoken distribution as you have requested (don't just give bullet points, etc), and especially focus on "why" someone should be a part of the event - think "what's in it for me?", not just "what and when". Thank you!
If you requested to have an Online Registration Form created...
Do you need any other info collected in addition to name/phone/email? And what day/time do you want the signup to be closed? If before the event, should the online event listing say "you can still show up" or similar? Is there a fee? Is childcare offered? Any other comments?
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If yes, how many weeks prior to event?
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(Especially - do you have any videos or graphics pre-made to accompany this?)
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