Protecting Caroline's Environment & Natural Resources
The Town of Caroline Planning Board is currently working on revising and updating the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. Because protecting Caroline’s environment and natural resources has consistently ranked as a top priority for Caroline residents, this is one area the Planning Board will focus on in the revision. Some of the issues brought up by town residents include:

Protecting and creating green space (parks, preserves, etc.)
Protecting open space (undeveloped land open to the public)
Preserving water quality and quantity
Erosion and flood control
Maintaining a clean environment
Living sustainably
Reducing the town’s contribution to climate change

We are interested in your feedback and input on what ideas are central to protecting Caroline’s environment and natural resources, what goals to prioritize, and your ideas for strategies to achieve the town’s protection goals.

Please send us your thoughts and ideas via this short, two-question electronic survey. The survey will be available until Tuesday, December 11th.

In addition, there will be a public listening session on Thursday, December 13 from 7:00-9:00 P.M. (cookies provided!) at the Brooktondale Fire Hall where members of the Town Planning Board will be on hand to listen to feedback from the community. Please help spread the word about this upcoming community event! You do NOT have to fill out the survey to attend the meeting. As mentioned, there will cookies (holiday theme) provided by the Planning Board; members of the public are welcome but not at all required to bring a favorite holiday cookie to share, as well.

In your opinion, what are the most important environmental and natural resource issues facing Caroline?
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What specific approaches or strategies would you recommend to protect Caroline’s environment and natural resources?
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