East Bay Mutual Aid Volunteer Intake
In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic it is clear that our government, and the whole capitalist system, are not meeting the needs of the people. Mutual aid is essential for addressing people's immediate needs in the face of the lack of preparedness and the extreme negligence toward working-class people reflected in the dismal government response.

Workers of all stripes are stepping in and putting their lives on the line to make up for the criminal negligence of our ruling class. And when we’ve weathered the storm, the struggle must continue to ensure that the sacrifices we make now will not be in vain. Together, we can not only overcome disaster, but indeed build a better future for all of us!

We are getting a list of volunteers ready so people can be contacted as asks arise during the COVID-19 quarantine. Please fill out this form if you would like to volunteer.

If you are in need of aid please fill out the following form -- http://bit.ly/eb-assistance

If you have any questions please email eastbaymutualaid@gmail.com or call/text (510) 306-2434.

Thank you!
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Names, pronouns *
What neighborhood and city do you live in (e.g. Fruitvale, Oakland)?
Address (optional, but would be helpful)
Email Address or Cell Phone Number or other electronic contact method *
What time of day are you more generally available? (Please check all that apply)
Are you able to complete tasks that require you to leave your home?
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I can provide the following supports: (Remember, this is non-binding. Please check all that apply)
What language(s) are you familiar with?
If you marked any meal prep options above, please list any particular cuisines that you are used to cooking (e.g. Somalian, Italian, Vegan)?
Are there any types of specialized meals for which your kitchen is particularly well suited (e.g. if your household doesn't use nuts, it would be a good pairing for a neighbor who has a nut allergy)?
Are there any other supports that you think we should offer that aren't on the list above?
Are there any supports that you've offered above for which you normally charge as part of your livelihood? Please list each one and your typical rate (while we want to offer these supports to each other for free, we also recognize the potential burden if this is a part of your livelihood, and we would like to make a plan to compensate you).
What are some potential needs that you may have that would make it difficult for you to isolate at home in case of coronavirus (e.g. lack of childcare, need for chronic disease medication, your work doesn't offer paid sick leave, you need regular deliveries due to a mobility disability, you have a personal care attendant for a disability who might also have specific needs as well, financial issues from loss of income, etc.)? What are some non-coronavirus related needs that you might have that currently make life difficult?
Are you concerned about making rent and interested in being contacted by a local tenants union for support organizing with neighbors to defend yourselves?
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Are there other communities that you're connected to that would benefit from organizing some mutual assistance?
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