Nonprofit Self Care and Burnout
Hi! I'm currently writing an article about how burnout impacts the nonprofit sector. I'll also be looking at potential preventative measures that individuals and organizations can take, and about healing after burnout.

If you work at a nonprofit organization, foundation, or for-profit service that works for social good, I would appreciate it if you took this survey and shared your experiences. If you aren't working now but previously worked in one of these occupations, please also take this survey. Please share this survey widely.

Note: I will use survey data in aggregate and use the results to inform my article, but I won't publish your written responses without getting your permission first.

This survey uses Google Forms. If you'd like to share your insights without using Google Forms, you can send me an email at

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"Burnout" is associated with losing motivation and energy, feeling powerless, and feeling disconnected from work that was previously fulfilling. Is burnout a serious issue in your workplace? (NOTE: For this and future questions, you can report on a former job or a current job.)
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What consequences does burnout have in your organization? Check all that apply.
How many hours per week are most people in your office working?
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Do you feel like you have the opportunity for advancement?
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Do you feel like the working conditions, equipment, and technical resources are adequate?
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How much self-determination and flexibility do you have in your job?
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How often do you feel like you have a 'win' or achievement in your work?
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Have you ever suffered from burnout personally? What was the experience like and what impact did it have on your work?
What strategies do you find most helpful for dealing with burnout? How effective are they?
What strategies do you find most helpful in preventing burnout and engaging in self care?
Anything else?
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Which term most closely defines your role?
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Name and email address. Note: I need this to follow up with additional questions and request permission to publish pseudonymised snippets of your responses. I won't publish snippets if I don't hear back from you, and I won't share or publish your contact information without your permission.
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