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Chronic illness and mental health issues can keep you from living the way you want, but they don't have to. The exciting new science of neuroplasticity can help you heal and take back your life.

What is neuroplasticity?
Neuroplasticity is your brain's ability to change and adapt. Through targeted mental steps, you can channel this process to rewire your brain and unlock your body’s healing potential.

Who are you?
My name is Meghan, and after 15 years of life threatening health conditions, I am living a full and happy life. My background in Neuroscience and my PhD in Not Dying contribute to my passion for teaching brain-based healing tools, and Next Level Neurons is the culmination of all I've learned.

What is Next Level Neurons?
Next Level Neurons is a program to help you harness the power of neuroplasticity. Over the course of 4 live Zoom workshops, you will learn how your brain is involved in your health conditions, how rewiring your brain unlocks your body's healing potential, and simple steps you can take to start healing.

I've seen other programs like this, why are you creating a new one?
There are other brain rewiring programs and they’re great, but I’ve noticed a gap in accessibility. If you're struggling just to get through the day, too overwhelmed to take on the monumental life shifts these programs require, Next Level Neurons is designed just for you. I meet you where you're at, and teach tools that put you in charge.

What is Beta Testing?
The Next Level Neurons curriculum is currently in development. Before I release the program to the general public, I want to get feedback from a small group. In exchange for 50% off the program, I will be asking you for feedback at the end of each live Zoom session, plus completion of (short!) followup surveys at 1, 3, and 6 months.

How will I know if I've been selected as a Beta Tester?
I will respond to your application within 1 week. I am looking for very specific qualities in beta testers, including the ability to give feedback (I know not everyone with chronic illness can handle that, I certainly couldn't at one point). If you are not selected, it is nothing personal and I will be cheerfully saving a spot for you at my first open workshop.

When will Beta Testing take place?
Beta testing will take place in January or February of 2023. Testers will be notified of a general timeframe, and I will gather information on availability from there. Get excited, because life is waiting for you!
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