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Of foremost importance to ALP is the safety of the students entrusted to work with our tutors. Please answer as follows: Have you ever been convicted of or pled guilty to any crime involving violence, weapons, alcohol or drugs, child abuse or neglect, sexual abuse or misconduct (even if expunged)? *
Are you currently under investigation for any of the above crimes? *
Have you ever been terminated or asked to resign from a job or volunteer position, or been demoted, suspended (with or without pay) or reprimanded (formally or informally) for inappropriate conduct, misuse of social media or the internet or inappropriate texting or communication? *
If "yes" to any of the above, please provide details:
All tutors are required to pass a background check including public domain records and criminal history. Trainees will also receive, and must complete, our training regarding (1) appropriate interactions with children and youth and (2) the signs of child abuse and neglect. *
The Early Intervention program training will be done remotely, through Zoom. Please indicate that you would like to attend, and Elizabeth Perry will contact you about scheduling the training day and time. Before tutoring begins, a review session will be scheduled. *
Please confirm that you will  tutor a qualifying K-1 student twice a week and complete the program (approx. 50 lessons). *
When we receive your full application, we will contact you and provide an access link to our tutor screening service provider, Secure Volunteer. This easy-to-use, secure web portal will provide step-by-step instructions to submit your information for the required background check and only takes about five minutes. You will receive notifications by email about status and approval. *
The training fee is $50. Your  full payment is due with your registration and is refundable up to two weeks before the first day of training. Click the "Donate now" button on our website to submit your payment online or mail a check. Add a note that it is for tutor training. *
I understand that ALP tutoring is a volunteer opportunity and that ALP is not obligated to accept me into its training program or accept or continue my services as a volunteer, or to disclose any reasons for not doing so. *
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