The Fuzzy AI Challenge 2021:   Registration Form
Learn how to shape the future of Artificial Intelligence by writing Explainable Algorithms and get rewarded for it! Register using this form! We will also ask you some questions to understand the level of expertise of the students that want to register for the Explainable Fuzzy AI Challenge 2021 (XFC 2021). In case of having a high number of registration, we will use this information to make a screening of the teams that will participate. Nevertheless, we will measure your interest in the challenge, in other words, not having expertise in the areas that we mention below won't exclude you from the challenge. Don't forget that the goal of the XFC is to foster Explainable AI, to learn and to have fun while doing something meaningful!
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Name, major, program, university and email of all the members of your team. For example:    Member 1: Javier Viana, Aerospace Engineering, Bachelor, University of Cincinnati,  - Member 2: Lynn Pickering, Aerospace Engineering, Master, University of Cincinnati,
What is the level of expertise of your team in Python? *
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What is the level of expertise of your team in Artificial Intelligence? *
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You might not be familiar with coding or Genetic Fuzzy AI, but your background could be very helpful for your team if it brings diversity to the table... How does this Challenge align with your academic backgrownd? or How do you think you can leverage your skills to bring value to your team? (If you are registering alone for te XFC, we will find you some teammates that best match your profile). *
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