Second Growth Hiring Questionnaire
Hello! We're excited to get to know you! Thanks for taking the time to apply for a therapist position at Second Growth Counseling. To streamline the process and be sure we are a beneficial fit for one another, please fill out this questionnaire. Thank you! (You may want to use another platform to work on your responses then paste them here so you have them saved in case you loose connection to this form - answers are not saved until the form is fully submitted.)
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Are you fully licensed as an LPC, LMFT, LCSW or Psychologist in the state of Oregon? *
What is your credential and license number with the Oregon state board? *
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Are you paneled/credentialed with any of these: *
Are you available to see clients for at least 25 clinical sessions per week? (This is considered full-time at our practice.) *
Are you available to see clients with evening and weekend ability? *
Please tell us about the populations you are most excited to have on your caseload. Include any education, training, certifications, previous experience or any other information that informs us about your ability to work with those populations. *
Describe your preferred clinical orientation and approach with clients? *
Describe your previous experience in practice settings. (Group, solo, community mental health agency, hospital, non-profit, etc.) Additionally, describe any previous experience you have specifically in private practice settings. *
Why do you want to work in a group practice? Why Second Growth Counseling? *
Our practice is very community-driven, creative, and personable. We have each clinician engage with the community through workshops, speaking engagements, psychoeducational trainings, as well as marketing and networking. Are you comfortable with this? *
Our practice is social justice oriented and is committed to an antiracist journey. Ideal candidates unequivocally resonate with this and live these values out. Please tell us about how you engage in social justice and/or anti-racism work. (This can be personal or professional, can include resources you engage with, trainings you have attended, or additional ways you connect and take action with these themes.) *
At Second Growth Counseling, we are a collaborative and committed team. We bring on employees who can work as a therapist solely at Second Growth. We have found this to work best for the culture and mission we have together while also preserving work/life balance for our team. Will you be working at your own private practice, at an organization, or at another group practice if employed at Second Growth? *
Entering a group practice for the first time and building a caseload takes time. The credentialing process for becoming available to accept insurance can take between 3-6 months. We have a 12-week onboarding process for helping clinicians get set-up and empowered so they can take intentional actions for the gradual build of their caseload. Payroll is structured around how many clinical hours take place, as in how many sessions a clinician conducts with clients. What is your timing and flexibility for securing a new position? *
Our clinicians work well independently and autonomously and manage logistics with clients with superior customer care and diligence. Do you feel comfortable following through on scheduling your clients, taking copays and payments, keeping notes accurate and completed within the same day of the appointment, responding to emails in a caring and timely way, and staying organized with your workload? *
How comfortable are you with computers, HIPAA, and technology? (Conducting video sessions, working with an electronic health records system, abiding by HIPAA standards for protected health information, navigating apps, etc.) *
What are your long term goals (3-5 years from now?) Personally and/or professionally for yourself? (This can include goals, dreams, career trajectory, specializations, hopes, etc.) *
What do you bring to Second Growth Counseling that stands out and is important to you? *
How would colleagues and coworkers describe you? *
What's one thing you want us to know about you that might not come across in a resume? *
What questions do you have for us? What information do you need to help you know if employment with Second Growth Counseling is a good fit for you? *
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